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George Latham

99.6 per cent UK funds failing European standards!

By George Latham , WHEB Asset Management on 18 October 2013 Market Blog

The Investors Chronicle had a good go this week at trying to rain on the National Ethical Investment Week’s parade.  “UK ethical funds: nine in 10 failing European standards” shouted their headline, preceding an article which highlighted that only three fund...

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What is Ethical Investment?

By Tim Dieppe , WHEB Asset Management on 16 October 2013 Market Blog

National Ethical Investment Week has got off to a great start and  attracted a decent amount of publicity. As ever, there is some level of  confusion about exactly what makes a fund an ethical fund.

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Clare Brook

Mind the information gap

By Clare Brook , WHEB Asset Management on 15 October 2013 Market Blog

As National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) kicks off, it is encouraging to see a decent amount of coverage in the press.  Not just in terms of column inches, but with plenty of intelligent insight about what the press still largely refers to as ‘ethical’ investment.

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Jade Summer
Edward Franks

Only Connect: Trust, Credibility and the Future of the Investment Industry

By Jade Summer & Edward Franks , WHEB Asset Management on 19 October 2012

This week WHEB Asset Management, along with partners Social Finance and Abchurch Communications, hosted a seminar under the somewhat ambitious heading of “Only Connect: Trust, Credibility and the Future of the Investment Industry”, as part of National Ethical Investment Week.

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The Materiality of Ethics and Ethical Funds

By Mark Hoskin , IFA at Holden & Partners on 9 October 2012 Market Blog

Anyone who has studied to be a professional accountant should appreciate the concept of 'materiality' well. Simply put materiality is that while a number may be incorrect it is not of sufficient size to worry about and spend time on and so is just left. I remember really...

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National Ethical Investment Week (14th to 20th October) needs to give ethical investors confidence

By Mark Hoskin , IFA at Holden & Partners on 8 October 2012 Market Blog

I was asked today to write a review of an ethical investor's choices today for a well known investment magazine. The investor had picked as her two fund choices which she had invested in since 2006, Artemis UK Special Situations and Invesco UK Agressive. Hmmm... Interesting and not...

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Richard Essex

From the Margins to the Mainstream

By Richard Essex , IFA on 23 August 2012 Market Blog

Although growing in popularity Ethical or SRI investment is still relatively marginal in the UK.  The current figures on the EIRIS website shows that total investment in green and ethical retail funds stands at around £11bn. This compares with a total investment in retail  funds of...

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Idle Speculation may bring Resolution

By Mark Hoskin , IFA at Holden & Partners on 28 May 2012 Market Blog

This month F&C announce the second part of their strategic review, but June is also the month in which we may find out where the Aviva SRI team and the Sustainable Future fund range will end up. June could be a big month for 'ethical' funds and bring some resolution to IFAs unsure what to...

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A shareholder spring

By Tim Dieppe , WHEB Asset Management on 3 May 2012 Market Blog

As the FT pointed out today: “shareholders are revolting, and not in the way Occupy might claim.” One positive consequence of the financial crisis is increased scrutiny of executive pay with shareholders no longer content to sit back and see executives take home excessive pay packages.

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Sarasin help the IFA community look beyond just financial returns

By Mark Hoskin , IFA at Holden & Partners on 2 May 2012 Market Blog

I can fully recommend taking up the offer of a meeting at Sarasin's offices. The Board room where the EIA (Ethical Investment Association) met on Tuesday must be one of the most interesting board rooms in London to have a meeting, overlooking as it does St Paul's Cathedral and the London Stock...

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