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Richard Essex

Let’s not be swayed by quick-win language on energy

By Richard Essex , IFA on 4 June 2014 Thematic Blog

In addition to the Euroscepticism that has resulted from the recent elections, I am also detecting a strong hint of complacency with regards to decarbonisation, and ultimately the sustainability of our planet.

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UK | Clean Energy, Environmental   

How the Wallace Global fund is leading the charge on fossil fuel divestment

By Seb Beloe , WHEB Asset Management on 17 April 2014 Thematic Blog

Support for the campaign to encourage investors to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies and invest in climate solutions appears to be gathering pace. Perhaps inadvertently, ExxonMobil’s report on their exposure to potential stranded assets has helped catalyse a renewed debate about...

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UK, Global | Environmental | WHEB  

We don’t need no education

By Tim Dieppe , WHEB Asset Management on 9 April 2014 Thematic Blog

In spite of what Pink Floyd might think, education, as a five trillion dollar market growing at 7-9% CAGR, is clearly something that many people think they do need. This is particularly true in emerging markets which are seeing significant increases in demand, e-learning and increasing social...

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Simon Leadbetter profile pic

The sole purpose of investment is profit. All other considerations are secondary

By Simon Leadbetter , Blue & Green Tomorrow on 26 March 2014 Market Blog

In a recent debate at a team get-together, Blue & Green Tomorrow’s founder and publisher Simon Leadbetter was asked to adopt the role of a red-in-tooth-and-claw, unfettered investor. With 18 years’ experience in financial services, he has worked with people whose profit-at-any-cost...

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Orpéa: how healthy dialogue de-risks investment

By Seb Beloe , WHEB Asset Management on 25 March 2014 Market Blog

While engagement is sometimes seen as ‘soft’ and intangible, without the hard metrics so common to much of investment practice, in our experience the value that it creates can be just as meaningful.

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Ben Goldsmith

Jeremy Grantham on investing, resource scarcity and climate change

By Ben Goldsmith , WHEB Asset Management on 7 February 2014 Market Blog

Ben Goldsmith, head of sales and marketing and a partner at WHEB, speaks to Jeremy Grantham, the chief investment strategist at GMO, about resource scarcity and climate change and the implications for investors.

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UK, Global | WHEB  

Sustainable investment trends for 2014

By Seb Beloe , WHEB Asset Management on 9 January 2014 Thematic Blog

Most of the trends that we focus on are trends that will play out over a decade and grind incrementally forward. Climate change, demographics and resource scarcity all fit into this definition. What can change much more dramatically, however, is the reaction of policymakers, the media and markets...

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UK, Global | Multi-thematic | WHEB  

Richard Essex

Breaking down targets can give us hope

By Richard Essex , IFA on 22 November 2013 Market Blog

Like many people it’s easy to be disheartened when you hear some of the media rhetoric that is coming from the latest United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw.

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UK, Europe   

Mind the gap: consumer perceptions and corporate reality

By Neville White , Ecclesiastical on 7 November 2013 Market Blog

I have become quite interested in the gap that seems to exist between perception and reality when it comes to defining what constitutes an ‘ethical’ or responsible business.

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UK, Global | Ecclesiastical   1

Don’t be fooled, voluntary carbon credits are not investments

By Alex Blackburne , Blue & Green Tomorrow on 6 November 2013 Market Blog

Over a dozen companies have been closed by the government’s Insolvency Service in the last 15 months, after raking in nearly £24m from 1,500 individuals for carbon credits. The news should be a lesson to everyone: these are not investments and there is no market for retail investors to...

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Mind the gap: consumer perceptions and corporate reality

Nestlé's baby milk misdemeanours are not just "a controversy of the 1970s and 80s". According tp...

Richard Thompson | 10 months, 2 weeks ago | read more

Sustainability – a real growth opportunity

I agree Mark. This is encouraging. The emerging markets point also highlights that sustainability...

Richard Essex | 11 months ago | read more

What will be your contribution and legacy

Hi Richard, thanks for this. I have been tasked with ammending our fact find and in the process of...

Mark Hoskin | 11 months, 1 week ago | read more

Mind the information gap

Thanks Clare, As you say Blue & Green Investor has funds in its library which adds up to £22bn not...

Mark Hoskin | 11 months, 2 weeks ago | read more

Let's be 10percenters and invest 10 percent of our portfolio sustainably

Mark I whole heartedly agree with this concept and, in fact have written about this in an...

Richard Essex | 1 year ago | read more

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