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FT Adviser Sustainable & Ethical Investment Conference

By Simon Leadbetter, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 22 July 2014 Market News

Photo: Ben Sutherland via Flickr

The financial adviser trade magazine, FT Adviser has hooked up with sustainable investment magazine Blue & Green Tomorrow to promote their Sustainable & Ethical Investment Conference in October 2014.

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Better financial products from research: Blue & Green Research

By Simon Leadbetter, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 22 July 2014 Market News

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Flickr

Today, Blue and Green Tomorrow is launching a research platform for financial service companies to help them provide significantly better savings and investment products, more tailored to the needs of savers and investors. Why does this matter to our readers? Because we want you to get even better products.

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An investment you can touch beats dealing with pure numbers

By John Fleetwood, Cochabamba Project on 8 July 2014 Thematic News

Investments can sometimes seem pretty remote from real life. If we’re not careful, we can regress into dealing with pure numbers.

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Tickets on sale for Sustainable September events

By Alex Blackburne, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 23 June 2014 Market News

Tickets for five events taking place during Sustainable September, Blue & Green Tomorrow’s month-long celebration of sustainability, have been released to the general public. Click here to buy yours now.

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Online retail: environmental friend or foe?

By Harriet Parker, Alliance Trust Investments on 23 June 2014 Thematic News

We meet with our Advisory Committee three times a year to discuss a range of issues, from our broad themes and emerging issues to portfolio holdings, ratings and engagement activities.  At our last Advisory Committee meeting we discussed the sustainability of the online retail business model.

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Insuring sustainable development?

By Peter Michaelis, Alliance Trust on 17 June 2014 Thematic News

What is sustainable about insurance companies and why do they feature in the Sustainable Future portfolios?

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Blue & Green weekly news round-up: June 6

By Charlotte Malone, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 6 June 2014

Blue & Green Investor’s weekly summary of news from the investment, finance and financial advice world.

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ArBolivia: a co-operative investment in the Amazon rainforest

By John Fleetwood, Cochabamba Project on 6 June 2014 Thematic News

We just came to clear the forest with our machetes and axes. Without knowing how, we set about planting rice, maize and other things to give us something to eat. We succeeded in that but we were working against nature because we were destroying our community’s forests” – Don Segundino, former miner.

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Gaeia and Barchester Green combine to create UK's largest ethical investment business

By Alex Blackburne, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 2 June 2014 Market News

Two leading financial advisers, Gaeia and Barchester Green, have come together to create what is thought to be the UK’s largest dedicated ethical and sustainable investment advice business.

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Ethical Investment Association to welcome financial advisers to annual conference

By Alex Blackburne, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 30 May 2014 Market News

The Ethical Investment Association (EIA), the membership organisation for financial advisers who provide advice on ethical and sustainable investment, is preparing for its annual summer conference.

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Mainstream press ‘full of piffle and wind’ on sustainable investment

You beat me to it!
In my view the press, more mainstream than trade, have a huge...

Alex | 6 months, 1 week ago | read more

Can investing in fossil fuels ever be ethical?

Good article.- I tend to agree that you can't live in a whiter than white world. Instead perhaps...

Richard Essex | 7 months ago | read more

Carbon intensity of the Sustainable Future equity funds

Dear Mike,

What a great bit of research to show what a difference you are making...

Mark Hoskin | 11 months ago | read more

Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds


Couldn't agree more on ecotricity. accounts look very fragile with £22M of...

John Fleetwood | 1 year ago | read more

Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds

Very useful information. Thank you Mark

Richard Essex | 1 year ago | read more

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