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Political will the biggest obstacle in addressing climate change

By Simon Webber, Schroders on 21 May 2013 Thematic News

Schroder Global Climate Change

Influential bodies sent strong messages this month to reiterate the urgency of the climate change battle. As emissions keep rising from emerging market countries despite the global economic slowdown, an IEA report warned on the slow development of low-carbon energy solutions and the double-digit growth of coal-fired generation in the last decade far outpacing growth in non-fossil fuel generation.

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Broken Models

By Neil Brown, Alliance Trust on 9 May 2013 Thematic News

Environmental economists have long recognised that great failing of our current economic system is that natural resources are rarely assigned any value. There has been no cost associated with overfishing; wetlands and forests can be depleted without impacting GDP; and there is no cost to using our atmosphere as a CO2dump.

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Google: a Sustainable Company?

By Simon Clements, Alliance Trust on 9 May 2013 Thematic News

Google is a company which divides opinion within the world of Sustainability. 

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The Alliance Trust Investments SRI Hub

By Mike Appleby, Alliance Trust on 7 May 2013 Thematic News

Have your say on key sustainability issues. Alliance Trust Investments has launched an SRI hub; an industry meeting point to discuss everything from stock ideas to climate change and the Retail Distribution Review.

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Behind the Fund: Schroder Global Climate Change Fund

By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 29 January 2013 Fund News

Simon Webber, Fund Manager of the Schroder Global Climate Change Fund tells us that efforts to tackle climate change will be the next industrial revolution and that investors can tap into this trend.

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Behind the Fund: IM WHEB Sustainability Fund

By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 22 January 2013 Fund News

We caught up with Clare Brook (pictured right of photo), founding partner of WHEB Asset Management to find out about new developments in the fund and why it's a good investment.

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Sustainability 'megaforces' impact on business will accelerate

By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 14 January 2013

KPMG report

The resources on which business relies are becoming more difficult to access and more costly. Changing patterns of economic growth and wealth are likely to strain infrastructure and natural systems. The unpredictable results of a changing climate will affect physical assets and supply chains and businesses can expect an ever more complex web of sustainability legislation and fiscal instruments.

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Science and policy developments: Climate change and food, the on-going saga

By Simon Webber, Schroders on 31 October 2012 Thematic News

Schroder Climate Change Fund

In our October newsletter we focus on pressure on food supplies – how this is being impacted by climate change and EU concerns about price hikes.

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Cheviot and Quilters in Merger Talks

By Mark Hoskin, IFA at Holden & Partners on 26 October 2012 Market News

There was surprise Wednesday morning in the offices of Cheviot that the story had leaked from Quilters that the venture capital house Bridgepoint are looking to add Cheviot to their purchase of Quilters earlier this year. The merger would add £4bn of assets at Cheviot to the £8bn that Quilters have creating a much bigger player in the wealth management space. But what is the implication for the Cheviot Climate Assets Fund?

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Sarasin's Responsible Investment Research on Corporate Accountability

By Adam Frost, Sarasin on 3 September 2012 Thematic News

Sarasin & Partners has researched and written this paper as one of a series which considers the investment implications of environmental, social and governance issues. This research provides insights into a more sustainable investment approach, with consideratiion of shareholders, society and the environment at its core.

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Mainstream press ‘full of piffle and wind’ on sustainable investment

You beat me to it!
In my view the press, more mainstream than trade, have a huge...

Alex | 6 months, 3 weeks ago | read more

Can investing in fossil fuels ever be ethical?

Good article.- I tend to agree that you can't live in a whiter than white world. Instead perhaps...

Richard Essex | 7 months, 2 weeks ago | read more

Carbon intensity of the Sustainable Future equity funds

Dear Mike,

What a great bit of research to show what a difference you are making...

Mark Hoskin | 11 months, 1 week ago | read more

Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds


Couldn't agree more on ecotricity. accounts look very fragile with £22M of...

John Fleetwood | 1 year ago | read more

Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds

Very useful information. Thank you Mark

Richard Essex | 1 year ago | read more

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