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Timber - the long term trends

By Paul Gaston, Pictet on 18 October 2012 Thematic News

Growing economic and demographic pressures look set to impact on the supply and demand of timber, making it an appealing investment opportunity for the future. At a time when equity investments appear volatile, timber can now make up a reassuringly steady part of a portfolio.

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| Forestry | Pictet   

Timber - a more sustainable solution

By Paul Gaston, Pictet on 25 September 2012 Thematic News

Global population and consumption growth mean that pressure on the planet's resources is building all the time. Sustainable, renewable alternatives are few and far between, but the benefits from using timber make it a serious contender for future investment.

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| Forestry | Pictet   

Opportunities flow from this growth industry

By Paul Gaston, Pictet on 31 August 2012

Current investment in water infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg

With up to $41 trillion of investment needed in infrastructure by 2030 to meet increased demand, investors need to recognise that the water industry is set for dramatic future growth.

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| Water | Pictet   

Now may be a good time to invest in water

By Paul Gaston, Pictet on 24 August 2012 Thematic News

Private companies currently account for just 8% of the global water services market. But this figure is set to rise to 21% over the next decade.

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Global | Water | Pictet   

Why water is such a good investment opportunity

By Paul Gaston, Pictet on 15 August 2012 Thematic News

Paul Gaston, Head of UK Sales at Pictet, explains why, in today's economic climate, there's never been a better time to invest in water.

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| Water | Pictet   


Interview with Philippe Rohner (Senior Investment Manager at Pictet)

By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 24 April 2012

Philip Rphner

We talk to Philippe Rohner, Senior Investment Manager with Pictet Asset Management.  He tells us what's different about being a 'thematic fund manager', what helps him in his work and how he winds down after a busy week.

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UK, Europe | Pictet   

Quenching the world's thirst: an investor's perspective

By Philippe Rohner, Pictet Asset Management on 26 March 2012 Thematic News

The Worlds oceans

Precious yet squandered. This is the precarious status of the world’s water resources, as revealed in a series of new studies by the UN and OECD.

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UK, Global, US, Europe, Asia, Africa | Water | Pictet   


Behind Pictet's Agriculture Fund

By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 1 March 2012 Fund News


We find out about the Pictet-Agriculture Fund: what it invests in and what it won't invest in; what makes agriculture the largest employer worldwide and where the investment opportunities lie.

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| Agriculture | Pictet   

Pictet Global Megatrend Selection - one for the future?

By Mark Hoskin, IFA at Holden & Partners on 17 February 2012 Fund News

Yesterday I listened into an interesting overview of the Pictet Global Megatrends fund. Hans Peter Porter had been disappointed with performance in 2011, but was “optimistic over the mid-term” about the fund’s prospects.

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Global | Multi-thematic | Pictet   


Behind Pictet's Timber Fund

By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 24 January 2012 Fund News


We get a fascinating insight into Pictet's Timber Fund, what it invests in, who works behind the scenes, why you should invest in timber and some very juicy anecdotes; including one about a forester who nearly became a puma's lunch!

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| Forestry | Pictet   

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Mainstream press ‘full of piffle and wind’ on sustainable investment

You beat me to it!
In my view the press, more mainstream than trade, have a huge...

Alex | 8 months, 3 weeks ago | read more

Can investing in fossil fuels ever be ethical?

Good article.- I tend to agree that you can't live in a whiter than white world. Instead perhaps...

Richard Essex | 9 months, 1 week ago | read more

Carbon intensity of the Sustainable Future equity funds

Dear Mike,

What a great bit of research to show what a difference you are making...

Mark Hoskin | 1 year, 1 month ago | read more

Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds


Couldn't agree more on ecotricity. accounts look very fragile with £22M of...

John Fleetwood | 1 year, 2 months ago | read more

Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds

Very useful information. Thank you Mark

Richard Essex | 1 year, 2 months ago | read more

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