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    Sarasin's Responsible Investment Research on Corporate Accountability

    By Adam Frost, Sarasin on 3 September 2012 Thematic News

    Sarasin & Partners has researched and written this paper as one of a series which considers the investment implications of environmental, social and governance issues. This research provides insights into a more sustainable investment approach, with consideratiion of shareholders, society and the environment at its core.

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    Interview with Adam Frost, Head of ESG Research at Sarasin & Partners

    By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 4 July 2012 Fund News

    adam frost

    We meet Adam Frost who tells us what it's like to work as Head of ESG Research, why ESG is important for investors and why it matters to him as a family man.

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    Behind the Fund: Sarasin EquiSar Socially Responsible

    By Arabella Murphy, Blue & Green Investor on 6 June 2012 Fund News

    Just after the fund's first year anniversary we talk to Adam Frost on how he came to work at Sarasin from BP after the Gulf of Mexico disaster, why 'Responsible' investing should lead to strong performance in the long term, and the unique approach and research Sarasin & Partners brings to 'Socially Responsible' investing, as well as some useful explanations about all the terminologies!

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    Happy Birthday Sarasin's EquiSar Socially Responsible Fund

    By Adam Frost, Sarasin on 1 June 2012 Fund News

    Today we hope you’ll join us in wishing a happy birthday to one of our newest and most engaging funds: EquiSar Socially Responsible.

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    Water scarcity is rich in innovative investment ideas

    By Adam Frost, Sarasin on 29 May 2012 Thematic News

    It seems uniquely typical of British weather that we could have the lowest water reserves since 1976 during the wettest April on record. Outside these green, pleasant and slightly damp lands however, water scarcity is a topic that warrants serious discussion and, as an Opportunity Set, is rich in innovative investment ideas. 

    The water scarcity driving this opportunity set is as simple as it is disturbing. A mere 2.75% of the planet’s water is fresh water, the bulk of...

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    Sarasin hold Total to account

    By Adam Frost, Sarasin on 10 May 2012

    Sarasin & Partners continues to achieve positive outcomes in focused engagement to protect client’s interests and shareholder value. Q1 2012 saw the conclusion of a long running engagement that Sarasin & Partners and other leading global investors have had with Total on shareholder rights.

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    Six great reasons to invest in ethical funds, environmental funds and thematic funds in 2012

    By Thomas Maskrey, Worldwise Investor on 1 January 2012 Market News

    Here's Worldwise Investor's six top reasons to invest in ethical, environmental and thematic funds (EET). We examine performance, how these funds can form part of a diversified portfolio and what the future holds for socially responsible investment.

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    Armaments: Sarasin & Partners Responsible Investment Research

    By Louise Fallon, Worldwise Investor on 12 December 2011 Thematic News

    Sarasin and Partners have produced a new research document about the armaments industry and its impact on investors. They distinguish between different kinds of arms, different ways companies can be involved in them, and current trends in the industry.

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    Sarasin engage with shale gas industry

    By Mark Hoskin, IFA at Holden & Partners on 18 November 2011 Thematic News | Fund News

    Sarasin & Partners has launched the latest paper in its Responsible Investment research series. The current piece focuses on the environmental, social and governance issues surrounding shale gas development, and what investors need to know about this industry. The paper discusses five core points outlining the investment potential, risks as well as the environmental impact.

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    Corruption - Sarasin & Partners Responsible Investment Research

    By Adam Frost, Sarasin on 5 October 2011 Thematic News

    In an increasingly global economy, multinational companies often operate in countries which vary in the extent of corruption, cultural attitudes towards corruption, and the legal environments to address it. However, with legislation against corruption tightening, both internationally and in many individual countries, companies’ handling of potential corruption risks is increasingly under scrutiny.

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      Mainstream press ‘full of piffle and wind’ on sustainable investment

      You beat me to it!
      In my view the press, more mainstream than trade, have a huge...

      Alex | 8 months, 1 week ago | read more

      Can investing in fossil fuels ever be ethical?

      Good article.- I tend to agree that you can't live in a whiter than white world. Instead perhaps...

      Richard Essex | 9 months ago | read more

      Carbon intensity of the Sustainable Future equity funds

      Dear Mike,

      What a great bit of research to show what a difference you are making...

      Mark Hoskin | 1 year ago | read more

      Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds


      Couldn't agree more on ecotricity. accounts look very fragile with £22M of...

      John Fleetwood | 1 year, 2 months ago | read more

      Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds

      Very useful information. Thank you Mark

      Richard Essex | 1 year, 2 months ago | read more

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