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An Investor trip to Bangladesh, is a race to the top underway? And if so, who will win?

By Neil Brown, Alliance Trust on 29 July 2014 Thematic News

In April 2013 the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Bangladesh claiming more than 1,100 lives and leaving many more injured. Many of those killed were employed in the garment industry, an industry that supplies the clothes that end up on our high street, to the brands whose shares end up in our pensions and ISAs.

In April 2013 the Rana Plaza...

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Finance as a force for good. Well is it?

By Peter Michaelis, Alliance Trust on 23 July 2014 Market News

Ken Teegardin via Flickr

Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO of Alliance Trust recently gave a lecture for Tomorrow’s Finance where she introduced the debate around “Finance as a force for good. Well is it?” Here we highlight a few key excerpts from the lecture. You can read the full speech by clicking here.

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Online retail: environmental friend or foe?

By Harriet Parker, Alliance Trust Investments on 23 June 2014 Thematic News

We meet with our Advisory Committee three times a year to discuss a range of issues, from our broad themes and emerging issues to portfolio holdings, ratings and engagement activities.  At our last Advisory Committee meeting we discussed the sustainability of the online retail business model.

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Big data, big opportunities

By Harriet Parker, Alliance Trust Investments on 5 May 2014 Thematic News

Recent technological advances have both reduced the costs associated with storing and processing data in addition to increasing the volumes of data generated. These advances, combined with an increase in the availability of analytical tools and products capable of processing large data sets has led to the phrase ‘Big Data’.

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Japan's energy problems

By Simon Clements, Alliance Trust on 23 April 2014 Thematic News

On March 11 2011 the Tohoku earthquake triggered a tsunami which hit the west coast of Japan, and resulted in the catastrophic meltdown of three of the six reactors at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station. This was the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, and it’s estimated that between 10-30% of the radiation of Chernobyl was leaked.

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A review of the forestry sector from an investment perspective

By Alex Werbowy, Alliance Trust Investments on 9 April 2014 Thematic News

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” So said Mahatma Gandhi. One might think that starting this review with such a strong moral statement is a bit disconcerting. However, it cannot be ignored that this has been the case in the past.

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LED poised to become clear winner in race for better lighting

By Alex Werbowy, Alliance Trust Investments on 8 April 2014 Thematic News

Light is only a small by-product of an incandescent bulb. More than 90% of the power consumed by a typical incandescent light bulb is converted into heat rather than visible light.

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WHEB successfully exits resource efficiency firm; new fund takes stake in UBC GmbH

By Charlotte Malone, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 21 February 2014 Market News

The private equity team at specialist sustainability investor WHEB has announced its successful exit from its investment in Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems Limited (AMCS). Meanwhile, the firm’s new private equity fund has taken a significant stake in UBC GmbH.

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Sustainable transport: Tesla investment stock surges to record value

By Tom Revell, Blue & Green Tomorrow on 19 February 2014 Thematic News

The investment value of electric car manufacturers Tesla Motors has hit record highs this week, with sustainability investors predicting a bright future for low-carbon transport.

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Tobacco: acting against society but thriving?

By Peter Michaelis, Alliance Trust on 16 December 2013 Thematic News

Bruce via Flickr

Acting against society, but thriving? Why we would not invest in Tobacco Stocks.

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You beat me to it!
In my view the press, more mainstream than trade, have a huge...

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Can investing in fossil fuels ever be ethical?

Good article.- I tend to agree that you can't live in a whiter than white world. Instead perhaps...

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Carbon intensity of the Sustainable Future equity funds

Dear Mike,

What a great bit of research to show what a difference you are making...

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Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds


Couldn't agree more on ecotricity. accounts look very fragile with £22M of...

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Caveat Emptor: The Next Retail Bond from EnergyBonds

Very useful information. Thank you Mark

Richard Essex | 1 year, 2 months ago | read more

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